Le Paul Bert bistro in the St Ouen flea market in Paris

Paris : Le Paul Bert

Fancy lunch after a nose around Paris’ most famous flea market? This neighbourhood bistro in Porte de Clignancourt won’t wipe out the savings you made in the market.

Every time I’m in Paris on a weekend or a Monday, I invariably spend the morning at the Village des Puces near the Porte de Clignancourt. I love strolling amongst the shops…and it’s a perfect spot for street photography (another one of my hobbies!).

Copyright Thierry Rousseau
Perfect egg mayonnaise at Le Paul Bert bistro in Paris.

And around lunch time, my walk ends invariably at the Paul Bert. It’s not related to the very chic bistro of the same name in the 11th arrondissement, this one is a simple bistro but their “Menu du Jour” is everything you’d expect in Paris. The decor is un-mistakably Parisian, and the dishes are as French as can be. This won’t be a meal with a wow factor, but simply a nice lunch at a reasonable price. The last time I was there, a few months ago, I opted for a “Œuf Mayonnaise” as a starter and the “Piece du Boucher” to follow.

Copyright Thierry Rousseau
My rib eye steak with frites and béarnaise sauce at Le Paul Bert in Paris.

French cuisine wouldn’t be the same without its mayonnaise: not only was it invented by a French chef, but they brought it to perfection, altering the flavour according to the accompaniment. And for the Œuf Mayo, it needs to be extra pungent to counter-balance the sweetness of the egg. This one was perfect, packed with extra vinegar. The “Piece du Boucher” (Butcher’s cut) came as a flavoursome rib-eye steak, paired with homemade “Frites” and a traditional Béarnaise sauce. Topped with a very decent Pichet of red wine, it was a perfect lunch break before heading back to the bustling city…and with a bill of just 16€*, it won’t leave a big hole in your pocket!

*price correct as of Spring 2019

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